18/05/2017 21:00 BST

‘Redwater’ Episode One Delivers Huge Secret Reveal (And Even More Shocking Twist Ending)

Spoilers ahead 😱

‘EastEnders’ drama ‘Redwater’ finally debuted on Thursday (18 May) night, and it’s safe to say that fans probably weren’t expecting the two huge shocks which arrived in the hour-long series premiere.

The six-part show will see Walford’s Kat and Alfie Moon in Ireland as they search for the former’s son and… well… y’know what, let’s just get a spoiler warning in.

Right. If you scroll past this photo, you will find exact details of what happened. Got that? Good…

BBC Pictures
Kat and Andrew Kelly

Yes, while the drama had initially been billed as a tale of the search for Kat Kathleen’s long lost son, his identity was actually revealed in the very first episode - which is certainly something we didn’t see coming.

While Kat very quickly latched onto Andrew Kelly, immediately assuming that he could be her relative, she was actually wrong, as it was soon revealed that priest Dermott Dolan is her biological child.

BBC Pictures
Dermott Dolan 

However, it soon became clear that those hoping for a cheery reunion, complete with party poppers and happy years, will be waiting quite some time.

Instead of turning his attention to Kat, Dermott focussed on the elderly local man, Lance Kelly, who revealed the truth about his parentage to him... and brutally murdered him. *gulp*

Prior to his death, Lance learnt the real reason for Kat and Alfie’s arrival in Ireland, and soon explained himself to Dermott, revealing that the priest’s mother travelled to London while pregnant, though sadly lost the baby.

It was here that she was given newborn baby Dermott, who had been taken from Kat, returning to Ireland to raise him.

BBC Pictures
Lance didn't last long 

Dermott aside, the only other living character who knows that he is Kat’s son is Lance’s widow, Agnes. 

Could Dermott have plans for her too? Who knows. 

The show’s creator Dominic Treadwell-Collins did warn us that Kat and Alfie’s arrival in the town would lead to multiple secrets being revealed but quite frankly, this is not what we were expecting (in a good way).

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