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'Redwater' Spoilers: EastEnders’ Shane Richie Discusses Alfie Moon Brain Tumour Storyline, Confirming There Are 'No Plans' For Walford Return

Shane and Jessie also revealed whether they want to head back to Walford.

Last week, it was revealed that ‘EastEnders’ character Alfie Moon will suffer serious health problems in new drama ‘Redwater’, and now, actor Shane Richie has detailed just how bad things will get.

He’s also admitted that there are currently “no plans” for him and co-star Jessie Wallace to head back to Walford anytime soon. 

Speaking to HuffPost UK with Jessie, the soap favourite explained that his character Alfie - who has a brain tumour - will face tough times of his own while their on-screen alter-egos search for Kat Moon’s long lost son.

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Jessie and Shane have worked together on and off since 2002 

When we asked Shane what’s ahead, he told us: “It does get worse… And you see Alfie, through the series, slowly deteriorate and question his own mortality. And that’s where it becomes, at times, a little bit dark and somewhat religious as well.

“He kind of looks for a meaning of life and that’s something that we’ve never seen Alfie do in ‘EastEnders’.

“Alfie constantly wears his heart on his sleeve, there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we see a different side of Alfie, where we may lose him.”

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The couple travel to Ireland with their eldest son, Tommy 

The duo also admitted they see drama ‘Redwater’ as their new home now, stating they would rather do a second series of the programme than return to Walford.

“‘Redwater’ all the way, definitely,” Jessie replied when we asked which project she’d rather continue with, prompting Shane to nod in agreement.

“There was talk about dipping our toe in both, there’s no reason why, if you got the timing right…” Shane added. “There’s no reason why the week before ‘Redwater’ goes out, there couldn’t be a Skype call with Kat and Stacey, do you know what I mean? That can be done. I’ve only just thought about that!

“At the moment, there’s no plans for Kat and Alfie to go back to ‘EastEnders’ and that’s not to say they never will, but at the moment, everyone is just concentrating on getting ‘Redwater’ right.”

‘Redwater’ airs on Thursday 18 May at 8pm.

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