09/10/2017 22:01 BST

‘Rellik’ Episode 5 Review: 7 Questions We Have After The Penultimate Installment


Monday (9 October) night saw the penultimate episode of ‘Rellik’ air on BBC1 and it seems the truth about who is responsible for the killings might have finally been revealed - and we’re not ashamed to admit the closing seconds left us stunned.

With just one hour of the show left to go, there are still plenty of loose ends to tie up so - and don’t scroll down if you haven’t seen episode five - here are the questions we’re asking…


1. Is Elaine actually the serial killer?

Yes, we saw her slit Jonas Borner’s throat after waiting in his car but does this mean she was responsible for all of the killings? Perhaps she could have had an accomplice? If there’s anything we’ve learnt in the last five weeks of tuning in, it’s not to take anything at face value. 

2. And WHY?

Elaine has a dark past, that much is clear, but a cold-blooded killer…? Her motivations for the murder - and the subsequent ones, if she is guilty of those too - are a mystery that will surely be solved in next week’s finale.

3. If Elaine is the killer… Has she got away with it?

The topsy-turvy story-telling used by Rellik’s writers means that the very first episode showed Gabriel and his team celebrating after figuring out that Stephen Mills was guilty. If the finale shows someone discovering anything about Elaine, it means they stayed quiet during the entire investigation (which we’ve already seen taking place…).

4. Why did Richard Bell run from the police?

Upon discovering them in his flat, Richard attempted to flee, which immediately suggests he is guilty of something.

5. Shall we talk about Gabriel’s dark side?


Thanks to his affair with Elaine and dodgy-dealings at work, it was already clear that Richard Dormer’s character wasn’t the hero cop he seemed back when we first met him five weeks ago.

But this episode showed a whole new, seriously dark, side to him as his drug-taking, sexual exploits and lies were exposed.

6. What were Jonas and Isaac up to?

The former blamed his increased drinking on a sense of guilty for their actions, but what exactly were they doing?

Isaac’s previously revealed sexual perversions were a lot to process, did Jonas know about them? Was he also secretly filming therapy sessions with clients?

7. What does Elaine’s father know about his daughter?

Their relationship has got more and more complicated as the series has continued and judging from what Jodi Balfour told us last week, there could be plenty left to discover. Read our full interview with her here.

Catch up with ‘Rellik’ on BBC iPlayer. The final episode airs on Monday 16 October at 9pm.

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