17/10/2017 08:41 BST

‘Rellik’ Finale Leaves Viewers Stunned, With (Even More) Shock Twists, Stunts And A Cliffhanger Ending


‘Rellik’ came to an end on Monday (16 October) night and viewers who managed to stick with the series’ topsy-turvy story-telling were rewarded with a seriously action-packed episode.

While many were still reeling from the closing moments of past week’s show, which saw Elaine Shepard revealed as the serial killer, the finale saw her motives revealed as many of the story strands were finally tied up.

Obviously, this article contains lots of spoilers…

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So, where do we even start?

Most of the events twists and turns came courtesy of Elaine, as it was revealed that she witnessed her father murder her mother - who is the woman she’s been seeing in visions - when she was a child.

While receiving psychological treatment in a Salvia Unit she was sexually abused, and it was Gabriel - a young police officer at the time - who had arrived while one of her abuser’s attacked, accidentally killing him in a scuffle.

Fast forward 30 years, and Elaine, whose name was an anagram of her real one, was out to get revenge on Jonas Berner and Isaac Taylor - trying to frame two of the latter’s patients for the crimes.

The final scenes saw a huge fight between Elaine and Gabriel and while the latter seemed to survive (just about), Elaine is most likely dead.

Oh, and we also found out that Gabriel’s boss is his daughter’s biological father.

Understandably, many fans were left in awe, if a little confused:

Bosses are yet to confirm if the show will return for a second series and there would certainly be many challenges if they did comission more episodes.

The drama was created by Harry and Jack Williams, who also wrote ‘Liar’, which was broadcast on ITV at the same time as ‘Rellk’.

While the latter struggled to keep viewers tuning in, ‘Liar’ was a huge hit when it came to ratings and a second series has already been announced.