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‘Rellik’ Episode 4: 9 Huge Questions We Have After The Latest Instalment

There are just two episodes to go.

As the fourth episode of the ‘Rellik’ came to a close on Monday (2 October) night, you could be forgiven for feeling even further from the truth, with numerous dark sides being revealed as even more characters proved they were capable of unexpected acts.

Way back when episode one aired, there was only one suspected serial killer - Steven Marks - but in the latest instalment he was nowhere to be seen, while another character was seen bludgeoning someone to death.


Elaine’s complex relationship with her father was explored more, and we also finally found out what Gabriel’s wife Lisa was guilty of. But with two episodes left to go, there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

Here are nine queries we have…

Why did Lisa think Gabriel knew Hannah wasn’t his daughter?

While under the impression Gabriel was unconscious, Lisa let slip that her husband is not the father of their daughter, telling him: “You always treated her as your own daughter even though… I’ll always love you for that.” So what made her think he already knew the truth?

Who attacked Gabriel?

Kerry may be the only person who held the answer but she tragically became yet another victim. From what we saw of her brief tussle with the attacker, it looked to be a man and when she stared them in the face, there seemed to be a flicker of recognition. Does she know the guilty party? That would explain why she ran away so quickly…

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Does Hannah know about her dad?

We know that she’d discovered the truth about her dad’s affair with a colleague, by overhearing a fight between her parents - but she does she know about her mother’s secret too?

Why did Christine continue going to see Doctor Isaac Taylor?

She clearly had him figured out and knew that he “got off” on hearing horrific stories - hence why she lied and faked a confession to the murders. But why would you carry on going to see the psychiatrist, after working this out? Is it just because of her narcissism, or is there something else?

What’s the deal with the safe house?

It seems Gabriel and Elaine had been using it for secret trysts, but why was Renton using it as well? And why did he clear out the whole place just after Gabriel was attacked nearby?

Was it the serial killer who murdered Kerry?

While it makes perfect sense that they might have killed her for knowing too much, we feel it won’t be that simple. Kerry also seemed to have a lot of information on Benton so - we’re calling this now - it wouldn’t be surprising if he was involved in her death.

Who did Elaine’s dad kill?

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Two weeks after discovering that Elaine’s dad definitely wasn’t a good man, we learnt that he was in prison for murder when he died. However, the question of who he murdered has not been answered.

What’s the full story with Isaac?

The doctor’s twisted desires were revealed but we have a lot of questions about the character. He clearly enjoys about hearing killings and crime - in a sexual way - so could he have something to do with the death of his partner? One rewind scene also showed him marking off days in a notebook while trailing Christine - was he stalking her?

Why did Roberts react weirdly to the anonymous tip off?

When the call was played to the police officers, her shiftiness was clear. She was also later floored in the attack, while the operation was ongoing. Could she know something about the case? Perhaps she leaked information about the murders?

The way Gabriel looked at her while they were on the rooftop also felt a little odd. Had something gone on between the pair?

‘Rellik’ continues next Monday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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