23/03/2017 17:25 GMT | Updated 23/03/2017 17:26 GMT

'Requiem' Follows 'Hinterland' As Brand New Psychological Thriller, Set In Wales

Hot on the heels of 'Hinterland'...

’Requiem’ is the title of a brand new BBC psychological thriller that explores the fall-out in a local Welsh community, when a young woman appears out of nowhere, in search of the secrets behind her identity. 

Lydia Wilson will star as Matilda, a talented young cellist, whose life is turned upside down by her mother’s suicide. Looking for answers to the mystery in her family takes Lydia to a Welsh town, where a toddler disappeared 23 years before. 

Matilda is joined on her journey to discover the truth by loyal best friend Hal (Joel Fry) and Nick (James Freecheville), another stranger in town who may not be all that he seems.

Lydia Watson plays Matilda, a young woman in search of her own past

‘Requiem’ is co-produced by the same company that brought us ‘The Missing’ and also ‘Indian Summers’, and is penned by Kris Mrksa (Australian hits ‘The Slap, ‘Underbelly’). 

The six-episode drama has already secured a slot on the Netflix platform outside the UK, and filming has started in the South Wales town of Newport. 

This production is part-funded by the Welsh Government, which has ensured filming takes place there, with all the local investment that brings about. 

‘Requiem’ will be hoping to repeat the success of fellow Welsh drama ‘Hinterland’, which has been shown all over the world, billed “the Welsh answer to Wallander” and which will be returning with fresh episodes next month. 

Creator and writer Kris Mrksa says: “Requiem is the show I’ve always wanted to make. To be making it with the team at New Pictures, and for the BBC and Netflix, networks that I so greatly admire, really is a dream come true.”

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