25/07/2017 11:25 BST

Restaurant Menu Translates Kids' Common Phrases Into Meals So Parents Know What To Order Them

'I don't want that' = kids' fries 🍟

Taking your kids out for dinner when they’re not in a good mood can be a frustrating experience.

Asking them what they want to eat can get tricky, when they simply respond: “I don’t know” or even worse: “I don’t care”. 

So a restaurant in America decided to make mealtimes easier for parents by translating common phrases said by kids into dishes.

If a child says: “I’m not hungry”, you should order them a basket of chicken tenders, according to Fager’s Island restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, US.

And if you get faced with: “I don’t want that”, just order them the fries.

Seems pretty simple.

A photo of the menu was shared on Reddit on Monday 24 July with the caption: “This menu designer understands kids.”

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