Here's How To Survive Exam Revision, According To Celebrities

At this point *anything* is worth trying.

The last thing you want to be thinking about is revising for your upcoming exams.

But if you think you're alone with feelings of stress, panic and last-minute cramming, you're not. Even well-known faces can't escape exams.

So the National Citizen Service spoke to some familiar faces, and found out their top tips for exam revision. Watch the video, above.

<strong>Pass Out hit-maker Tinie Tempah</strong>
Pass Out hit-maker Tinie Tempah

Pass Out hit-maker Tinie Tempah said: "The best way to deal with revision is just preparation really, the more you can prepare and plan the better for you.

"I know a lot of young people right now have exams coming up, they're getting ready for exams so they're obviously going to feel a certain amount of pressure.

"I'd say preparation always."

Capital FM presenter Lilah Parsons said: "Early nigths that was something I always struggled with, I always wanted to stay up all night."

<strong>'Xtra Factor' co-presenter Melvin Odoom</strong>
'Xtra Factor' co-presenter Melvin Odoom

While 'Xtra Factor' co-host Melvin Odoom said: "Don't leave it until the last minute, I was the guy in the library at 2 and 3 am."

While Craig David offered his wisdom: "Don't over think, don't keep thinking, thinking, thinking."

SBTV's Jamal Edwards told his 15-year-old self: "Focus and not stress too much."

And 'Inbetweeners' star Emily Atack said: "Just have fun with everything!"