Richard Bacon 'Relieved' To Be Diagnosed With ADHD At Age Of 42

'If I’d been diagnosed in my twenties the cocaine debacle wouldn’t have happened.'

Richard Bacon has revealed he has been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 42, after noticing he was causing “pain and chaos” with his behaviour.

The former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter said he was “relieved” to finally have a diagnosis, adding that he believed receiving one earlier in his life would have saved him from being fired from the kids show after taking cocaine.

Richard Bacon
Richard Bacon
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Richard consulted medics after noticing he was losing things like his credit cards, keys and phone twice a week, admitting he was also drinking too much.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “It sounds trivial, but the consequences add up to something quite serious for your family.

“On top of that, I was going out too late and drinking too much. I was opening a bottle of wine and getting through it in front of the telly at night. It was causing pain and chaos and I was tired all the time.”

He continued: “It’s a relief to be diagnosed. I’m so much better, I’m sleeping a lot better, only drinking a couple of times a week and a lot less.

“If I’d been diagnosed in my twenties the cocaine debacle wouldn’t have happened,” he added.

Richard now spends a lot of his time in LA, after moving to the States, where he has formed an unlikely friendship with former ‘TOWIE’ star Mark Wright.

Speaking to HuffPost UK earlier this year, the Essex star said: “He lives down the road from me and I’m like his personal trainer at the moment - I’m training him every day. It’s always great to hear a British voice.”

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