Rio 2016 Paralympic Medals Rattle To Help Visually Impaired Athletes 'Hear The Sound Of Victory'

They also feature Braille writing.

This year athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have been listening to their medals - and for a very good reason.

For the first time the gold, silver and bronze medals have been filled with tiny steel balls which make a rattling sound when shaken.

The medals are designed to help those who are visually impaired hear the sweet “sound of victory”.

Each of the three medal types is filled with a different amount of balls, allowing all athletes to differentiate between the medals they’re holding.

The gold medals, which are filled with 28 balls, make the loudest noise. The silver medals have 20 balls while the bronze medals have 16 balls and create the softest sound.

On top of that, each medal has the words “Rio 2016 Paralympic Games” embossed on it in Braille.

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