'Risk To Life' Storm Henk Will Hit The UK Later Today, The Met Office Warns

Gusts of up to 80mph are expected to last until 8pm.

The Met Office has urged that a storm hitting the UK today, Storm Henk, will bring a spell of “very strong winds” which could result in travel and infrastructure disruptions.

Initially, this is expected to hit southwest England and south Wales with the strongest gusts of 80mph expected to hit coastal regions.

However, later today, this is expected to move eastwards across the UK with many parts of southern England, the south Midlands and East Anglia experiencing 50-60mph winds throughout the afternoon and evening. Inland winds could reach 60-70mph.

Amber weather warning issued

An amber severe weather warning for wind has been issued until 8pm for the south Midlands and East Anglia, with a wider yellow severe weather warning for wind covering the whole of southern England and Wales also being issued for today.

Additionally, a yellow warning for rain has been issued, covering a wide area of England and Wales as more rain will fall throughout the day. The Met Office said that rainfall totals from 5pm yesterday to 9pm today are likely to reach 15-30mm with 35-50mm in a few places.

The Met Office advises that if you live in an area with an amber warning, this could mean that you’ll face travel delays, road and rail closures, power cuts, and the potential risk to life and property. If you have plans, you may want to consider changing them and take action to protect yourself and your property.

The rest of this week is set to continue to be dramatic but next week, the Met Office assures that the weather will settle though temperatures will drop for a spell.