Exhibitionism: Rolling Stones Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

The collection of Rolling Stones memorabilia is a fan's delight.

Mick Jagger remembers the problem with those tight cat suits that helped create his legend, as all four Rolling Stones pay a visit to 'Exhibitionism' - a stunning exhibition of the band's memorabilia that is both a fan's delight, and an insight into just how the magic was built.

"You couldn't have a belly," he chuckles, as he reviews the extraordinary costume collection, including Ossie Clark's iconic jumpsuits, in which he jumped - and still does - across stage.

Watch Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie reflect on a half-century's worth of stuff in our Exclusive Video above

The show, at London's Saatchi Gallery, is an ode to all things Stones, following their half-century story - from the reconstruction of their first down-at-heel shared flat, through 50 years of costumes, guitars, song lyrics and those lips, all the way to an immersive experience where you can share stage-time with the Stones at Hyde Park.

Still rocking... Mick reflects on his own distinctive look
Still rocking... Mick reflects on his own distinctive look

One of the world's most ardent, and untiring, Stones fans, our blogger Clive Crump, recently attended the exhibition, which he reviewed here.

Although Clive's knowledge and love for the band made him a demanding visitor, ready to be disappointed, as it turned out there was no reason to fear. He reported: "We spent a good three hours trawling across the two floors but could easily have spent another hour or two if time had allowed... my friend said his mind was reeling all evening from what he'd seen and I cannot disagree."

'Exhibitionism' continues at London's Saatchi Gallery until September 4th. Tap the picture below to open the slideshow:

Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism Pictures


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