12/02/2021 08:16 GMT | Updated 12/02/2021 08:24 GMT

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Outburst Inspires Hilarious New Memes: 'I Don't Want To See Any F***ing H&M'

What? This old thing? Yes, that old thing.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

RuPaul went in on some of the queens’ fashion choices in the latest instalment of Drag Race UK, which was the first episode recorded after filming was halted due to lockdown restrictions last year.

After the remaining queens performed in their groups, Ru tore a strip off some of the contestants, beginning with Tia Kofi, whose look on the runway didn’t measure up to expectations after a seven-month break.

It was returning queen Joe Black who bore the brunt of the host’s anger, though, after the cabaret star confessed to wearing an H&M dress during her group number.

RuPaul's face upon discovering Joe Black's outfit was from H&M

“That outfit, off the rack, was a huge disappointment to me,” RuPaul told Joe. “That’s what everyday people do. And you should know that – because you are a star.

“And this goes to all of you up here. And if it is from H&M, you’d better glitter the fuck out of it, and make it something special. We’re looking for Great Britain’s next superstar. Don’t waste my time… I don’t want to see any fucking H&M.” 

As Joe admitted she had better outfits that were perhaps “too old-looking” for a girl group challenge, Ru continued: “Listen, I came all the way across the pond. I want more! I want more! Is that asking for too much? I don’t think so.

“It’s the biggest stage for drag in the world – this is the Eurovision of drag!”

Ru’s outburst came as a shock to many viewers (the majority of whom were still riding high from the United Kingdolls’ performance of UK Hun, let’s be honest), inspiring plenty of hilarious memes:

Others – including former contestant Ginny Lemon – pointed out RuPaul may have crossed a line, pointing out that during lockdown, many drag queens will have been struggling without their usual work:

However, our favourite reaction has to come from series one semi-finalist, Cheryl Hole:

For what it’s worth, Ru did apologise to the queens after the judges’ deliberations (sort of), telling them: “I want you to know, that if I was a little hard on you earlier, it’s because I see so much potential in each of you. And if nothing else, these times have taught us to seize the day – carpe diem, darling!

“Plus, Mama Ru was locked up in quarantine for two weeks, so that might have a little something to do with it.”

Ultimately, it was Tia and Joe who lip synced for their lives to The Communards’ Don’t Leave Me This Way, with the latter sashaying away for the second time this series.

Drag Race UK returns for the Snatch Game on Thursday at 7pm on BBC Three.