Russia Wants To Develop A Teleportation Device In The Next 20 Years

Star Trek

To teleport from one place to another has, and still remains, one of the most sought-after technologies since it was first conceived in the writings of our greatest science fiction authors.

Few won't have gawped at Star Trek's transporter and while we've managed to conquer many of the technologies first outlined in the series this one has evaded us so far.

Well it looks like Russia isn't going to let that stand any longer.

According to The Telegraph, a multi-trillion pound development program for Putin would include creating a teleportation device in the next 20 years.

The reportedly £1.4 trillion development plan for Russia's cybernetics market includes other outlandish technologies such as creating a working neural interface between humans and computers.

More rational plans include creating a dedicated Russian computing language, secure communications for the country's governmental departments and even a working quantum computer.


While the idea of a teleportation device might sound enticing there are some considerable hurdles to overcome.

Firstly we haven't actually be able to teleport anything other than data, and even then it was merely a packet of photons over a fibre optic cable.

Then of course there's the revelation that to even have a hope of teleporting a real human you then have to find a way of transporting all the information that we contain.

Back in 2013 a team at the University of Leicester worked out that it would take somewhere in the region of 350,000 times the age of our current universe to teleport all the information that comprises a single human being.

That's quite a long time, and a considerable distance in capability from the mere seconds it takes Captain Kirk to beam from an alien planet to the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Where Russia might have more success however is in quantum computing. The technology has already been proven and with millions of pounds of investment already sunk into the industry it seems logical that a breakthrough will not be far off.