13/01/2017 13:23 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 13:27 GMT

Ruth Langsford And Eamonn Holmes Discussed Their Sex Lives On 'This Morning' And We're Not Sure How To Feel

'It’s Friday fun night, darling, don’t forget.'

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes often like to talk about their *ahem* intimate moments in interviews, but we don’t expect ‘This Morning’ viewers were expecting the pair to get quite so fruity on Friday’s (13 January) show.

The pair were interviewing a woman who claimed she was happy to be living in a sexless marriage, when they made an admission about their own sex lives. 

Eamonn Holmes made an admission about his and Ruth Langsford's sex lives on 'This Morning'

Eamonn couldn’t hide his surprise when the interviewee said she hadn’t had sex in two years, to which he said her husband “must be a very understanding man”. 

As he countered an argument that men often turn down sex due to tiredness, he said: “Men do no understand the word ‘too tired’. It’s not in our vocabulary. No man is ever too tired to have sex.”

Ruth agreed, adding: “I’ve near said to you, ‘Come on’, and you’ve gone, ‘No, sorry love, too tired.”

'It’s Friday fun night, darling, don’t forget.'

But that wasn’t it, as the married couple hinted they would be getting “jiggy wiggy” after getting home tonight. 

“I have to say it’s very important to me,” Eamonn said. 

“It’s Friday fun night, darling, don’t forget,” Ruth promised. 

But Eamonn hinted things may have been a little sparse in that department in recent times.

“There’s only one Friday in the month these days!” he bemoaned.

Ruth wasn’t the only one left blushing, either: 

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