29 Times Ruth Langsford Was The Flawless Queen We Didn't Deserve

We just can't get enough of the daytime TV presenter.

We know we shouldn’t pick favourites, but Ruth Langsford is definitely the reigning queen of daytime TV - after all, there is a reason why she fronts both ‘This MorningandLoose Women’.

From that cheeky glint in her eye, to her banter with husband Eamonn Holmes, and her 10/10 social media updates, here is just a few ways in which Ruth has won the hearts of the TV-viewing public:

1. She knows how to liven up the arduous task of choosing what to wear each day


2. Often resulting in some spectacular outfit choices


3. As a presenter, she is always prepared for the unexpected

Even when it comes to flyaway bushes.

4. Although occasionally, she may let out a little whoopsie

5. And may have to apologise for it on the next day’s show

6. She also gives Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield a run for their money when it comes to completely losing it while on air

7. As well as rivalling them in the partying stakes too

’ave it!

8. And since taking the helm of ‘Loose Women’, she’s injected some much needed sass into the panel


9. She has a wicked sense of humour, as this ‘Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ clip proves

10. And when many people compared her to cross-dressing ‘EastEnders’ character Les Coker...


11 ... she completely reclaimed the joke and ran with it

Tbf, the likeness is uncanny.

12. She’s proven time and time again that she would be the perfect ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant

If u r not Happy today hope this Cheers u up the way it did me...... Ruth during the Ad break. She knows how to entertain a crew !

A video posted by Eamonn Holmes (@eamonnholmesofficial) on

13. As she enjoys nothing more than busting a move on the ‘This Morning’ set

14. Even roping the crew into some of her routines

So this is what we all get up to AFTER @itvthismorning !! @rylanclarkneal #thismorning #crew #squadgoals

A video posted by Ruth Langsford (@ruthlangsford) on

15. In fact, we wish she’d take to the floor with her hubby

16. Just as long as he didn’t feel the need to try and copy her impressive twerking skills

Miley Cyrus eat your heart out.

17. She gives very good hat

Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment

A very important quality, we think you’ll agree.

18. Although with all that volume in her hair, it’s a wonder she keeps them on her head

19. Remember the time she thought it was totally appropriate to get a tape measure out during a segment on micro penises?


No wonder Eamonn looked so worried.

20. Or when she didn’t even blink an eye when she accidentally said “witch c***” during a very serious on-air apology?


21. She loves being a bit saucy


22. Especially when talking about her sex life with Eamonn


TMI, guys. TMI.

23. She even allows him to cop a feel live on the telly

24. Sometimes, it’s other men too


25. But together they do make the ultimate married TV couple

26. When they do lovely things like this for one another, it just makes us want them to adopt us

27. And we seethe with jealously at the fact Rylan Clark-Neal gets to be their ‘TV son’

28. And at the way she’ll literally let him get away with anything


We do love a bit of Rylan, though.

29. In all, Ruth Langsford is just one fabulous woman

Long may she reign as the queen of daytime TV.

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