12/01/2017 17:04 GMT | Updated 27/01/2017 17:24 GMT

24 Pieces Of Conclusive Evidence Ryan Gosling Is A Gift Sent From Above

We're in crazy, stupid love.

We don’t need much of an excuse to show our appreciation for Ryan Gosling, but with the much-awaited arrival of ‘La La Land’ in UK cinemas, it seems like the perfect opportunity.

Prepare to witness the fitness as we present you with proof that he is actually a gift sent to us from above (and one we certainly don’t need a receipt for).

1. He’s the kind of guy that would do this for no reason and it would make you feel all warm and squishy inside...

2. Smoking should never be considered sexy, but there’s something very James Dean about this... 

3. *THAT* ‘I’m going to grab you by the face and kiss you forever’ scene in ‘The Notebook’

We’re sure that was a really tough day at the office for Rachel McAdams.

4. When he took the time to thank his partner Eva Mendes during his Golden Globes acceptance speech

It almost makes us not mind he’s taken. 

5. His fashion choice choices are always exceptional, even if he thinks they aren’t

No complaints here. 

6. He’s confident, but not in a cocky way

7. Every man could learn a lesson in chatting someone up from him

Beats “do you come here often?” any day of the week. 

8. Like, just look at those steely blues

Oooh, they’re just like swimming pools.

9. If you were to look up ‘specs appeal’ the dictionary, it should carry this image next to it 

🎵 Specsy, everything about him so specsy 🎵

10. We’ll just leave this one here:

11. Oh, and this too:

In need of a lie down yet?

12. In our minds, he asks us this every morning before we leave for work...

13. He somehow manages to eat the trickiest of foods in the most brooding of ways

14. Although don’t try getting him to eat breakfast

Because we all know Ryan Gosling doesn’t like breakfast.

15. Not only would he be willing to fight for you...

16. ... He’d also be ready to fight in your honour if you ever needed him to

17. Even when he’s doing his best menacing stride, it’s still hot af

18. *pupils dilate*

Warning! Looking at this image for too long may result in pregnancy.

19. Sorry we’re getting distracted now...

20. Anyway, he has exceptional taste in knitwear

You can always judge a man by the quality of his woollen garments, we always say. 

21. His beloved dog George is almost as cute as he is 

Srsly, our hearts just exploded. 

22. Those guns tho 


23. He’s the only man who can make all our Christmas dreams come true

Sorry, Santa. 

24. So thank you to the gods for gifting us Ry-Gos. May we be forever grateful.

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