Rylan's Chat Show 'Up Late With Rylan' Receives Mixed Response From Viewers

He wasn't too happy with the first episode either.

Rylan Clark-Neal has admitted he was unhappy with his chat show debut, as the first episode of 'Up Late With Rylan' divided viewers on Monday (9 May).

The former 'X Factor' star claimed his new Channel 5 show felt "rushed", as viewers saw him interview the likes of Alesha Dixon and Keith Lemon.

<strong>'Up Late With Rylan' received a mixed reaction from viewers</strong>
'Up Late With Rylan' received a mixed reaction from viewers
Channel 5

Taking to Twitter after the show, Rylan wrote: "Well that was eventful. Everything that could go wrong went wrong! But that's tele.

"Tonight felt a bit rushed to me. We will change this for tomorrow. We're just finding our feet Thanks for tuning in and lots of love."

And viewers were equally unsure of the new show, which will air from Monday to Thursday throughout May.

However, there were some fans out there who enjoyed it:

Rylan previously admitted he was hoping 'Up Late' would become the UK's answer to James Corden's US chat show 'The Late Late Show'.

"We haven't got that sort of thing here that you can just watch if you're a bit of a night owl, or you've just got in from a night out," he said.

"I'm always searching for something to watch at that time of night. So this is going to be a late night destination. Just like 'This Morning' is a staple of your morning, this is going to be a staple of your late night. It's something that's not been done for about 20 years."

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