27/01/2021 10:36 GMT

Rylan Clark-Neal Blasts 'Infuriating' Question-Dodging MPs, Likening Them To 'Broken Tamagotchis'

"It should be introduced as law that MPs HAVE TO answer questions," the presenter tweeted.

Rylan Clark-Neal has hit out at question-dodging MPs, likening them to “broken tamagotchis”. 

The Strictly: It Takes Two presenter called for it to be made law that government ministers should have to answer questions properly when being interviewed. 

He said the way many MPs work their way around points they don’t want to answer was “absolutely infuriating” in a tweet posted on Wednesday morning. 

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan wrote: “It should be introduced as law that MPs HAVE TO answer questions when being interviewed as a public servant.

“The way each of them repeat and repeat like a broken Tamagotchi is absolutely infuriating whilst dodging very simple yes or no questions.”

“Surely we’re owed that,” he added. 

Rylan has regularly offered his take on political matters on Twitter over the last few years, and hosted election night coverage for Channel 4 in 2019. 

After his involvement was announced, Rylan faced unfair criticism on social media, from people calling his expertise into question.

In an interview with The Big Issue, he later explained why people have been wrong to dismiss his political commentary. 

He said: “I decided to call them out on it thinking actually, you’re a fucking idiot, because I was a 30-year-old man who’s not in politics and I’m the sort of person you should be tapping into.

“With all due respect, the audience that I’ve got might not necessarily understand Brexit or what’s going on in parliament.”

He continued: “When I explain stuff on Twitter in layman’s terms people message me and go ‘Thanks for doing that, I didn’t really understand what WTO meant or what the Northern Irish backstop involved’.

“You can take the piss out of me all you want, but I’m probably informing the people who follow me more than you’re informing people.”