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Rylan Clark-Neal Is Totally Embarrassed By Ruth Langsford And Eamonn Holmes' Constant Sex Life Admissions

'He’s more like Thomas The Tank Engine to be fair.'

As any ‘This Morning’ viewers will know, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes are always oversharing about their *ahem* intimate lives, but she stunned fans earlier this month when she likened his bedroom technique to being like “a steam train”. 

But their co-star, Rylan Clark-Neal, has said the Irish presenter is probably a bit more like Thomas The Tank Engine in the bedroom department, as he revealed his embarrassment at Ruth’s admission. 

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK on an episode of ‘BUILD’, Rylan claimed he is constantly left red-faced by his ‘telly mum and dad’.

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Rylan Clark-Neal appeared on an episode of 'BUILD'

“It makes me heave,” Rylan joked.

“Eamonn walked into ‘This Morning’ the following morning, chest puffed up, proud as anything, thinking ‘Ruth, shut up telling everyone I’m a steam train. Good girl.’”

He continued: “I think he told her to say it. He’s more like Thomas The Tank Engine to be fair.”

Since joining the ‘This Morning’ team as a showbiz reporter, Rylan has also filled in for various presenters on occasion, and claimed he owed Ruth a lot for his success on the ITV daytime show.  

Speaking of being paired up with her during Eamonn’s sick leave last year, he said: “For someone like Ruth who has been doing it for 226 years, that was a big risk for her because it’s her credibility on the line as well.

“She held my hand and I had a ball doing it with her - she’s my telly mum and Eamonn is my telly dad.”

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Rylan calls Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes his 'telly mum and dad'

Having become the first gay couple to host ‘This Morning’ together last year, Rylan also joked that working with husband Dan Clark-Neal was not quite as smooth.

“The biggest diva is probably Dan, but not because of him, but because of me,” he explained. “If it’s Ruth, Alison [Hammond], Holly [Willoughby] or Schofe [Phillip Schofield], if they muck it up, I don’t care. I just know they’ll laugh along, but because it was my husband and he’d never done it before, when he mucked up...

“I kept drilling into him, when you muck up to acknowledge it and laugh about it. That’s what I do, I blame my veneers.

“There was a couple of times, especially on our first show together, he mucked up, tried to correct it and carry on and I knew it wound him up. Not only worrying about not having to say ‘fuck’ on live TV, I’m having to worry about someone else as well - it’s double the pressure.”

Rylan has also hosted 'This Morning' with his husband Dan

The pair married in 2015, after meeting when Dan was a contestant on ‘Big Brother’ and Rylan was presenting spin-off show ‘Bit On The Side’, but have largely kept their private lives out of the spotlight. 

“We’re not the sort of couple who do magazines or anything like that,” he said. “Good for you if that’s what you want to do, but I hate it - I can’t stand it.

“So when we did ‘This Morning’, the only reason that we did it was because it was such a big deal to be the first gay couple to do it.

“We’ve done it a couple of times and we might do it again in the future, but it’s not top of our list because he likes to do his thing and I like to do my thing,” he added. 

Rylan will be back on screens with his new daytime gameshow ‘Babushka’, airing weekdays from Monday 1 May. 

Watch the full interview with Rylan in the video below...

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