If Salad Cream Becomes Sandwich Cream, Here Are 5 Other Foods That Need A New Name

And today's misplaced outrage centres on...

Forget Heathrow’s third runway, the truly divisive issue of the week is Heinz’s decision to rename Salad Cream as Sandwich Cream.

The change is apparently due to the fact very few people now actually eat it on salad – with most opting instead to slather it on, you guessed it, their sandwiches.

As is customary in our modern age, people are outraged.

But why stop there? Practically all of the great retro food classics have stupid names - here are 5 that definitely need changing.

Prawn Cocktail

You can’t drink it and it rarely comes with gin.

Alfa Studio via Getty Images

Toad In The Hole

Ain’t no toad, ain’t no hole.

istetiana via Getty Images

Scotch Egg

As far as we’re aware, no Scot has ever laid an egg.

eyegelb via Getty Images

Spotted Dick

Nuff said.

monstArrr_ via Getty Images

Beef Wellington

Beef should only ever be served on a plate. Or in a bun. Certainly not footwear.

(Yes we’re aware Wellington was a real man, this isn’t exactly a serious piece).