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'Sally4Ever': Who Stars And Where Can I Watch The Julia Davis Comedy Everyone Is Talking About

Everything you need to know about Sky Atlantic's new show.

Sky Atlantic might just be onto a new cult gem with ‘Sally4Ever’, a new show from the comedy brains behind ‘Nighty Night’.

What is ‘Sally4Ever’ about?

‘Sally4Ever’ follows, unsurprisingly, Sally, a woman in her thirties who has lived with her largely unappealing boyfriend David for ten years. On the same night David asks (or rather, begs) Sally to marry him, she has a minor crisis and embarks on an affair with Emma, a free spirit with whom she exchanged flirty-eyes with on the tube.

‘Sally4Ever’ is ultimately a fresh new lesbian comedy about making decisions, and wanting to choose a different path to the one that’s set out for you, or perhaps the one that everyone else thinks you should take.

Sky Atlantic / Sally4Ever
Left to right: David (Alex Macqueen), Sally (Catherine Shepherd) and Emma (Julia Davis)

Who stars in ‘Sally4Ever’?

Catherine Shepherd plays Sally, the protagonist of the show, whose impulsive affair with Emma kicks off the events of the show. You might recognise Catherine Shepherd from ‘Peep Show’, playing a romantic interest of Mark Corrigan in an episode where he pretends to be a student at Dartmouth Uni.

Julia Davis plays Emma, who is a narcissist, as well as a singer and actor. Julia Davis formerly starred in ‘Nighty Night’, and has also made appearances as Dawn in ‘Gavin And Stacey’, and as the caterer who famously made a canapé that looked “like a dead baby’s finger” in ‘Love Actually’.

Alex Macqueen plays David, Sally’s disappointing boyfriend. He’s a hopeless romantic but also hopeless at romance – constantly putting in double the effort but with half of the success. You’ll recognise Alex as Neil’s Dad in ‘The Inbetweeners, and from shows like ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘The Thick Of It’.

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
Alex Macqueen, who plays David, Sally's boyfriend

Who made ‘Sally4Ever’?

Sally4Ever was created by Julia Davis, who plays Emma. Julia wrote and starred in the cult BBC3 comedy ‘Nighty Night’ (2004-2005), and ‘Camping’ (2016). The style of comedy written into ‘Sally4Ever’ is very much akin to Julia’s other work – parallels have been drawn between Emma’s narcissism and that of Jill Tyrell in ‘Nighty Night’. Hailed for her outrageous and boundary-pushing style of comedy, Julia certainly doesn’t pull any punches in ‘Sally4Ever’, with clumsy, cringeworthy, and definitely NSFW comedy from the get-go.

Julia is also a seven-time BAFTA nominee, winning Best Comedy Writing for her show ‘Hunderby’ in 2013. 

Photoshot via Getty Images
Julia Davis, who plays Emma, Sally's flame

When did ‘Sally4Ever’ premiere?

The show premiered on Thursday 25 October at 10:00pm.

How many episodes of ‘Sally4Ever’ will there be?

The show has been given seven 30-minute episodes for its first season. 

Where can I watch ‘Sally4Ever’?

‘Sally4Ever’ airs on Thursdays at 10:00pm on Sky Atlantic.