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Same Difference's Sean Smith Looks Very Different To His Days On 'X Factor'

Someone has been hitting the gym. Hard.

Cast your mind back to the fourth series of ‘The X Factor’ in 2007, and you may just remember an act called Same Difference

You know, the brother and sister act who wouldn’t have looked out of place on ‘Glee’, with their fixed smiles and cheesy song choices?

Same Difference appeared on 'The X Factor' in 2007

Anyway, the brother - better known as Sean Smith - is now launching a solo career, and he’s undergone quite the transformation since his talent show days. 

It seems Sean has been putting in some serious hours down the gym in preparation the release of his new material, revealing the results of his workouts on his new single cover.

Energise Records
Sean has certainly shed his squeaky-clean image

Calvin Harris, eat your heart out. 

Sean’s debut solo single is called ‘Turn Me On’, and as the title suggests, he has well and truly shed his squeaky-clean image. 

“I have matured as a performer and so has my singing style and image,” he told Bang Showbiz. 

Energise Records
Someone has been working out
Sean recently appeared on 'This Morning' with his sister, Sarah

“My debut solo single ‘Turn Me On’ is due for release, along with a hot video to accompany it, which I hope will appeal to a wider audience as well as my fantastically loyal fans who have stayed with me since the Same Difference days.”

However, he hasn’t ruled out making more music with his sister Sarah in the future, adding: “As we are brother and sister it is always something we can come back to in the future if we both wanted to. We’ll never say never!”

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