19/01/2018 11:20 GMT

Gogglebox's Sandi Bogle Gets The 'Celebrity 100% Hotter' Treatment, And Loves Her 'Mary J Blige-Inspired' New Look

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Move over Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung and Jourdan Dunn, there’s a new queen of British style in town and she goes by the name of Sandi Bogle.

As is always the case with style icons, Sandi first rose to prominence offering her opinions on the week’s telly on ‘Gogglebox’, before taking part in last summer’s chaotic series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Her most recent TV appearance was in Channel 5’s ‘100% Hotter’, where she underwent a new transformation and emerged a new woman.

Channel 5
Sandi before her makeover

Following in the footsteps of A-list fashionistas Kim Woodburn, Jedward and Honey G, Sandi tried out a whole new look in the latest episode of the make-under show, gushing about her new look.

After catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she exclaimed: “Shit! This is beautiful. I look good.

“Fucking hell, I love it. I look like a real Mary J, Beyoncé, Rihanna! Bigger, better than all of them!”

Channel 5
Sandi checks out her new look

But after name-checking all those popstars, we can’t help but feel there’s one you’re forgetting, Sandi. Or, should we say, Joanne..?

We see a pink hat, and this is where our mind goes...

During her days on ‘Gogglebox’, Sandi was best known as one half of a duo, alongside her BFF Sandra Martin.

Since stepping down before her ‘CBB’ appearance, Sandi was replaced briefly by Sandra’s daughter on the show, though they have now bid farewell to ‘Gogglebox’ too.

Following her departure, Sandra teased that a big TV opportunity was coming her way, prompting many to speculate she’d be appearing on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, or following in Sandi’s footsteps by appearing on ‘CBB’.

She was later confirmed to be on the cast of ITV’s ‘100 Years Younger In 21 days’, alongside ‘EastEnders’ legend June Brown and musician Shaun Ruder.

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