Sarah Harding Reflects On Girls Aloud Split In 'Celebrity Big Brother'

'My confidence was severely knocked, especially since the band ended.'

Sarah Harding has opened up about how she was affected by the break-up of Girls Aloud, during an emotional conversation in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, in scenes to air in Wednesday’s (23 August) highlights show, Sarah admits she found it particularly tough after the group went their separate ways in 2013, revealing she still misses her former bandmates.

She laments: “My confidence was severely knocked over the last five, six years, especially since the band ended.

“And no one really tells you what to do when you’ve been up there for [a lot of] years, you’ve had a lot of crazy, life-changing scenarios happen during that time… and then all of a sudden, it’s gone.”

An emotional Sarah Harding
An emotional Sarah Harding
Channel 5

Sarah goes on to say she “misses” the rest of the band, adding: “But we’re all grown up now, most of them are getting married and having kids, which is what I want too.”

During the past three weeks that she’s been in the ‘CBB’ house, Sarah has spoken repeatedly about her time as a member of Girls Aloud.

Earlier this month, she spoke about how the band have drifted apart since their break-up, telling the rest of the housemates: “Everyone has got their own thing going on. Three of them have got families now.

“I haven’t seen or heard from one of them for forever. I don’t know where she’s gone.”

Girls Aloud doing some really subtle promo work in 2008
Girls Aloud doing some really subtle promo work in 2008
Justin Goff via Getty Images

She later told now-boyfriend Chad Johnson that one of her tattoos was inspired by difficult times in the band, claiming: “It reminds me to have strength, I got it when we were halfway through our tour rehearsals, because I’m not the strongest of the dancers.

“I wasn’t as dance trained as three of the other girls... two of us were more singers than dancers so I used to do extra time with my routines. Tour rehearsals for me were so tough.”

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.

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