Selfridges Launches £99 Ice Cream (Because A 99 Flake Doesn’t Cut It Anymore, Apparently)

How much?!

Once upon a time a 99 Flake was considered the treat to end all treats, but now, Selfridges is selling a gelato cone at 100 times the price.

A cone of the new ‘Billionaire’s Soft Serve’ will set you back a whopping £99, thanks to its long list of ingredients and extravagant gold leaf topping.

The gargantuan sweet weighs in at 350g and takes an unbelievable four and a half hours to make.

Customers ordering the decadent dessert will be able to witness the
process behind the creation, with each one made to order. But really, we’re wondering who has that kind of time (or money) to waste on pudding.


Selfridges has collaborated with chefs and innovators at Snowflake Luxury Gelato to create the giant twist on the summer classic.

The Billionaire’s Soft Serve consists of a traditional wafer cone, which has been prepared by hand and dipped in rare, single plantation, organic Madagascan chocolate and covered in individually placed gold pearls.

Inside the cone, customers will find:
Madagascan chocolate
Caramelised pecans
Two large gelato spheres (one of mango, ginger and passion fruit and one of
rich dark chocolate)
A Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce
Salted caramel soft serve gelato

Toppings on the dessert include:
A raspberry sorbetto macaroon decorated with a white chocolate glaze
Persian sea salt and edible diamonds
A chocolate flake, coated in gold leaf
A pipette full of mango, ginger and passion fruit sauce
A Gold chocolate spoon
To finish off, a glistening piece of edible gold leaf.

If your bank balance is screaming at the thought of a £99 cone, the gelato station will also be selling regular-sized frozen treats from £4.90.

Sorry Selfridges, we’ll be giving this one a miss.