Cows Text Farmers When They're Sick With New Stomach Sensor

The cows are finally being herd...

Cows can’t talk human. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that’s proven to be annoying for farmers and, probably, downright infuriating for the cows.

Well fear not, because Austrian tech company SmaXtec has stepped forward with an innovative new tool which lets your cow text you when it’s feeling under the weather.


It’s about the size of a hot dog, uses WiFi and when inserted into a cow’s stomach it’s able to track minute-by-minute data about the cow’s temperature, it’s movement, the pH levels of its stomach and even tell if the cow is pregnant.

When anything unusual happens, a text message is then sent to the farmer letting them know allowing for swift treatment and a speedy recovery.

We’re going to be honest, there’s no getting around the fact that in social circles you’re probably going to have to explain why you’re getting texts from a cow, but ultimately it will be worth it.


The device, which has a battery life of four years, is able to predict pregnancy with an accuracy of 95 per cent, allowing the farmer to take advantage of increased milk production prior to birth.

If the idea of WiFi-emitting cows sounds a bit terrifying then you’ll be surprised to learn that according to Quartz, some 15,000 cows in Britain are already hooked up to some form of smart monitoring technology.


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