People Share Sex Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Be Aware Of (NSFW)

'Don’t just jump in straight for the kill.'
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If you want to have mind-blowing sex, there are a few rules you must abide by.

That’s according to the good people of Reddit, who’ve been sharing the etiquette rules for sex they think everyone should know.

Here are some of their most memorable commandments...

1. Be Groomed

“Cut your nails! I don’t want to get scratched up on the inside.”


2. Be Realistic

“Don’t expect great things your first time with each other. I don’t care how gorgeous you each are or how appropriately sized everyone’s genitals are.

“You’re not gonna hit it out of the park nine times out of 10. In my experience it’s been a process in getting to know each other’s kinks and turn-ons, and over a period of time being able to do the right things.”

– Johsnrod

3. Be Responsible

“Carry a condom if you are expecting to have sex. Even if you are the girl. It’s both your responsibility to be safe.”

4. Be Patient

“For the love of god, women NEED foreplay. Don’t just jump in straight for the kill. Kiss them, use your hands all of their body, use your mouth all over their body and let her do the same to you. Get warmed up. The sex will be much better.”

5. Be Vocal

“A guy told me during a BJ: ‘Just so you know, I know this isn’t great for you, but it feels really good for me.’

“I told him I appreciated the feedback, because I had no idea he was into it.

“Guys can be way too quiet, it’s hard to gauge how I’m doing.”

6. Be Respectful

“Respect boundaries. If I ever say ‘no’ that means to drop it. Almost every guy I’ve ever been with will beg, ask again, drop hints or just go ahead and do what I told them not to do. Biggest turn off in the world for me.”

7. Be Real

“Stop fake moaning. We are very aware that it is fake, and we are unable to tell if we should continue doing what we are doing.”

8. Be Prepared

“Keep a couple of towels near the bed. Generally one larger and at least one smaller. The large one can go under you and you cause it as a sort of hammock to life the girl up to slide a pillow under her hips if desired. It also keeps the sheets and the pillow clean.

“The smaller ones within arm’s reach for clean-up.

“Also, while period sex can be messy, a few towels makes it no big deal. Most of my girlfriends have said it helps with cramps too (the sex, not the towels).”

9. Be Clean

“Men: clean your dick. Women: clean your vagina.

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