23 Sex Tips To Make Bedtime Great Again


When it comes to sexy time, there’s always room for improvement.

Leading the way in bedroom brilliance, our favourite sex gurus (aka Redditors) have opened up about the super simple tips that changed love-making for the better.

From holding your orgasms to being more gentle downstairs, here’s what they want you to know.

Steve Prezant via Getty Images

1. “When her orgasm starts, keep doing exactly whatever you’re doing until she’s done.”

2. “It’s ok to manually stimulate the clitoris during sex, often it’s appreciated.”

3. “Boobs are surprisingly sensitive and not just for squeezing.”

4. “When you’re touching a girl’s G spot while she’s lying down, put some pressure on her pelvis, on the spot that makes you feel like you have to pee (just push on yourself a bit to get a good idea of where exactly to push).”

5. “’Don’t stop!’ doesn’t mean go harder/faster. Keep the pace and motion the same.”

6. “Not tripping about how you look and just relaxing into it is how to enjoy it most and how your partner will enjoy it most.”

7. “Holding an orgasm. I’d just let them wash over me, amazing but quick. Was told to hold it, so I began practicing hitting a peak and holding it for about 10 seconds. Now I orgasm for about a minute, followed by aftershocks. Much better.”

8. “Gently cup the balls.”

9. “Don’t assume anything about your partner. If you’re not sure, ask. A little communication goes a long way.”

10. “Work on cardio and your core more. It helps with stamina when she’s really asking for it.”

11. “If a woman is on top, put a pillow under your butt. It will give you better depth and give her an easier time manoeuvring.”

12. “Don’t actually bite them, just close your teeth a little and pull.”

13. “Use your genitals to stimulate their genitals.”

14. “Try spooning, and rubbing her entire body, especially her front side. Tensions rise astronomically.”

15. “To hit all the buttons, ask what the fucking buttons are.”

16. “When your man starts to really get into the blow job, introduce the simultaneous hand job.”

17. “Always use the restroom beforehand.”

18. “Use your hands. Touch her shoulders, hips, hair, neck, stomach, hands, back, feet. The whole body is an erogenous zone if you do it right.”

19. “Don’t rub her clitoris like you’re trying to light a fire unless she wants that. Use different pressures, use different fingers or your entire palm and listen and watch for reactions. Listen to advice if she offers it and don’t take offence.”

20. “10-15 minutes of sex is usually the sweet spot. It’s long enough for both of you to get off, yet short enough that it doesn’t become boring (it happens).”

21. “I’ve never liked being on top because my legs start hurting like 5 minutes after we start going at it. I recently bought one of those orthopaedic leg pillows and I cut it into two pillows and I just put that on each side of my husband so that I’m lifted higher above his pelvis and that makes the cowgirl position 100 times easier!”

22. “Memory Foam mattresses are the bomb.”

23. “Don’t seek to pleasure yourself. Seek to pleasure your partner.”

23. “Aim for the thing.”