Sexual Performance Experts Share The Positions You Should Be Trying

For a deeper connection... if you catch their drift.
LumiNola via Getty Images

When it comes to penises, size is a sensitive topic. No matter how many times you hear “it’s what you do with it that matters”, a lot of people still feel insecure about the size of theirs. According to Lloyds Pharmacy, around 45% of people with penises believe that theirs is small. However, according to the pharmacy, only 1.6 inches or less is considered to actually be medically small and therefore eligible for treatment.

If you are feeling insecure, though, and feel that your insecurities may be impacting your performance between the sheets, there are some sex positions that are perfectly suited to small penises.

Sex positions for deeper penetration

According to Private Gym, experts in sexual performance, these are the best positions for deeper penetration:

X Marks The Spot

For this position, your partner lies down in front of you with their pelvis positioned at the same height as yours with one or both legs on your shoulders. Then, as you penetrate your partner, slowly raise their butt and back, crossing their ankles on your chest as you continue moving. According to the experts at Private Gym, crossing at the ankles increases your partner’s tightness and having your pelvises at the same height maximises penetration and depth.

Pile Driver

We cannot read the name of this without laughing. We love a get-to-the-point sex position! In this position, your partner lays on their back with each leg swung over their head, towards the floor.Now you squat over them which we know sounds deeply unsexy (yes we’re still laughing, sorry) and penetrate. To maximise penetration and offer more opportunity to stimulate the balls or clit, you can vary this position by spreading the legs outwards into a spread eagle. So, despite the name and the ‘squatting’, this is a deeply intimate position that promises fireworks for both of you.

Doggy Style With A Tighter Twist

Of course, we’re all familiar with doggy style. A favoured position with many In fact, this all-fours delight is the most commonly searched sex position in the world! However, in this snug twist, the receiving partner keeps their legs closed together, forming a tighter fit for the penis and gives opportunity for more teasing of the body while being incredibly intimate.

The Nirvana

Snuggle right into bliss with this position. Have your partner lay in front of you and you above them, with your legs spread outside of theirs, making them tighter. This alternative missionary position is even better if you slide your hands below their butt for deeper penetration and snugness. Lovely.

Basically, it really is what you do with it that matters!