14/02/2017 23:03 GMT

Shannon Matthews: The 8 Most Shocking Things Everyone Is Talking About After BBC Drama The Moorside

7. The car scene.

Viewers were left reeling by the kidnap of Shannon Matthews by her own mother and the uncle of her stepfather, as the BBC’s controversial new docudrama based on the true story concluded.

The Moorside, starring Gemma Whelan as Shannon’s mother Karen Matthews and Sheridan Smith, as her friend Julie Bushby, featured countless dramatic moments that resonated with the public.

Here are the eight things from the second part of the two-part series that everyone is talking about.

Karen Matthews is played by Gemma Whelan (right), supported by her neighbours Natalie Brown (Sian Brooke, left) and Julie Bushby (Sheridan Smith)

1. How someone could do that to their own child 

Some parents said their child going missing was their worst fear. But it was revealed Matthews knew where Shannon was all along.

2. That it was actually based on a true story

People thought if it hadn’t been, it was so bizarre, it might have been called far-fetched.

3. Karen Matthews’ lies and reactions

Gemma Whelan’s Matthews seemed confused as to how to react when her daughter was found and viewers noticed she was also portrayed as eating snacks seemingly without a care in the world.

4. Memorable moments in the script

Highlights included an interesting question from the police to Matthews about Shannon’s kidnapper Michael Donovan and a funny enquiry about Julie Bradby’s daughter’s new baby from her son.

5. Child porn being found on Karen Matthews partner Craig Meehan’s computer

During police enquiries about Shannon, officers confiscated Meehan’s computer and he was convicted of child pornography offences separate to the case.

6. Julie Bushby sticking by Karen Matthews

Even though other friends turned their backs when Matthews admitted her part in the abduction, viewers couldn’t believe Julie Bushby stuck by the woman others called a monster - even in court.

7. The car scene

Everyone was talking about the moment in the car where Matthews admitted to her two closest friends she knew where Shannon was.

8. The accents

People in Yorkshire in particular thought the accents were shocking.

Many also praised the acting, with high praise for Sheridan Smith and Gemma Whelan.

Others also shared their hopes Shannon, now 18, had found happiness with her new family.