22/06/2017 11:13 BST | Updated 22/06/2017 13:58 BST

Sharon Osbourne Admits She Ruined Her Niece's Hen Party With Stripper Stunt

'She was sobbing and shaking, and I had to take her outside. I felt so bad.'

Sharon Osbourne has revealed her niece was left in tears after a stunt she planned for her hen party backfired.

The ‘X Factor’ judge, known for taking things to the extremes wherever possible, was left in charge of her niece’s all-important bachelorette party, and decided to hire a stripper for the occasion.

J. Kempin via Getty Images
Sharon Osbourne

As reported by The Sun, Sharon said: I hired a stripper for her, the stripper came in and of course I told him who was the bride-to-be.

“And he was doing his thing and he stripped off totally naked. She was sat at table and he went behind her and put his penis on top of her head — she had long hair and he got her hair and he was wrapping it around his penis.

“Then he stopped that and stood right at the side of her and he said ‘Can you tell me what time it is?’ But he had wrapped his penis around his wrist.”

Unfortunately, her niece did not see the funny side of the stunt.

Sharon explained: “She started to cry so bad, she was sobbing and shaking, and I had to take her outside. I felt so bad.

“She is a nice girl — not like me. I felt terrible I ruined her whole party.”

Note to Sharon: Not everyone enjoys genitalia being used as jewellery. Mebs just book a spa day next time.

Sharon is currently gearing up for the next series of ‘The X Factor’, with auditions already underway in Liverpool.

She’ll be back on the panel with Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh, after the music mogul was impressed with chemistry among the judges during last year’s run.

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