11 Times People Didn't Understand What Makeup Was

It's called the 'natural look', guys.

#NoMakeup selfies are as ubiquitous on social media as perfectly made-up pouts, and while we commend celebrities - and women everywhere - for putting their natural beauty out there, some people seem to have got the very wrong idea of what that actually means.

How many times have you heard that men prefer women without makeup, only to be told you look 'exhausted' and 'ill' when you actually turn up bare-faced.

Rather than simply mean spiritedness, we reckon it's down to the fact that some people just don't seem to understand how subtle cosmetics can truly be.

Here are 11 examples of social media users not fully comprehending what anything even is anymore...

1. This incorrect Kylie Jenner fan.

2. This possibly blind Lady Gaga appreciator.

3. This slightly deluded Bella Thorne enthusiast.

4. This person who thought Shakira was on national TV completely bare-faced.

5. This person with very selective vision of Perrie Edwards.

6. This Nina Dobrev fan who failed to see that literally everyone in this photo is wearing makeup.

7. This Ariana Grande fan who doesn't know what mascara is.

8. This Katy Perry-lover who can't quite grasp the concept of eye-makeup.

9. This very confused Selena Gomez fan.

10. This sincere-yet-misguided Nicki Minaj appreciator.

11. This Kim Kardashian fan who doesn't quite get the concept of makeup.


No Makeup, No Problem!

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