Sheridan Smith Discusses Her New Life Caring For Animals In The Countryside

"It’s just nice to be able to go away to my animals."

Sheridan Smith has revealed she’s relocated to the countryside, so she has somewhere to escape to when she’s not in the public eye.

In the past few years, Sheridan had a particularly tough time in the media, with near-constant negative stories about her at a time when she was going through difficulties in her personal life, including her late father’s cancer diagnosis.

Speaking to The Sun, Sheridan discussed her new life in the country, where she devotes her time to looking after animals.

Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith
Neil Mockford via Getty Images

“I’ve just moved away into the countryside,” she told the newspaper. “I’ve always wanted to move away and have my farm and just be surrounded by animals.

“So that’s happening at the minute and it’s really exciting. I’ve bought four donkeys, two goats and two pigs. I’ve rescued them.”

She added: “I’m not very good with money but I’m starting to get better. I’m starting to get financial advice on things now instead of just buying more animals.

“But it’s just nice to be able to go away to my animals and be able to come back to my job, then go back to my animals.”

After taking some time out, Sheridan is now back in the spotlight, releasing new album ‘Northern Soul’ earlier this month, and gearing up for a star turn in the upcoming ITV drama ‘Cleaning Up’.

The drama will see Sheridan playing a cleaner and mother-of-two with a gambling addiction, who is swept up in the world of insider trading, and making a load of money in the process.


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