'Sherlock' Star Amanda Abbington Hints Character Mary May Be Leaving The Series

Amanda Abbington plays Watson's wife Mary.

‘Sherlock’ is set to return for Series 4 sometime in the New Year, but it may be bittersweet for some of the characters, if we read too much into Amanda Abbington’s recent tweet.

Amanda, who plays John Watson’s wife Mary, has shared a picture of her final call sheet on the current production, adding her character’s ring, and hinting that it could be her last outing in the role.

She added intrigue, by writing “That’s a golden wrap on Mary” - referring to the traditional farewell made to actors leaving a show.

However, it could be a play on words, referring to either the ring, or a storyline we have yet to discover.

Amanda added a bit more mystery, saying on Twitter, “That’s not Mary’s wedding ring. It’s her own ring. From her past. In case anyone was wondering.”

This is the most any actor has said about the new series, which sees the debut of Toby Jones as Sherlock’s latest nemesis. What did we learn from Toby recently? Just that his character is “really bad”. Thanks for that.

The first trailer for the new show also hints that we may not have seen the last of Andrew Scott as Moriarty after all - well, I think we could have guessed that?

The ‘Sherlock’ cast and crew teased their new show at San Diego’s Comic Con at the weekend, giving fans three words to chew on - ‘THATCHER’, ‘SMITH’ and ‘SHERRINFORD’.

The only light we can shed on this is that Sherrinford in the books refers to Mycroft and Sherlock’s other brother, the Holmes left to run the family estate while the former go off to change the world in their unique ways. Will he make an appearance this time around?

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