08/01/2017 23:49 GMT | Updated 09/01/2017 00:05 GMT

'Sherlock: The Lying Detective': Six Times Mrs Hudson Saved The Man, And The Show


‘Sherlock’ is back on track, it’s official, and if there’s one person to thank, it’s neither Holmes, Watson nor even Mycroft. 

Nope, if Episode Two of Series 4 ‘The Lying Detective’ provided proof that none of this award-winning team has lost their touch after all, it’s all credit to that previously elusive creature, Mrs Hudson. 

There was a lot going on this second episode in. We had Benedict Cumberbatch’s ravaged state and Martin Freeman’s quiet grief, as the pair separately failed to come to terms with Mary’s death. Mycroft showed his usual indifference to the emotions afoot. So, ultimately it had to be Una Stubbs’s quirky landlady who not-so-quietly steered the ship safely into harbour. Namely... 

Mrs Hudson saved the day, outwitting even Sherlock

The moment she looked all quivery, dropping Sherlock’s cup of tea in her ‘fright’ and then it turned out she was actually just after his gun...

Driving into a neat residential housing estate and causing a police stand-off. And then getting Sherlock out of the boot of her top of the line Aston. Which she refused to let anyone else drive, naturally. 

Scoffing at Mycroft and John Watson, and proving she actually knows Sherlock Holmes better than anyone... “You’re stupid.” 

Mrs Hudson engineered a renion between Sherlock and John

Proving her loyalty to her boys, throwing Mycroft and other top government brass out of Sherlock’s flat when they proved unfeeling.  “This is my house, my friend and that’s his departed wife. Everybody out now.”

And, of course, lending John Watson the aforementioned sports car after all - bravo! 

But, best of all, it had to be the line about the handcuffs - “they’re in the drawer... you’re not my first smackhead.” Class act. 

Sherlock has Mrs Hudson to thank for her forbearance

Catch up with ‘Sherlock’ Episode 2on iPlayer. You won’t be disappointed. 

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