Shibue Underwear Is The Horrifying New Way To Avoid VPL

This might be worse than going commando.

The quest for an invisible panty line has brought the world many things. Breezy nether reigons, health issue-causing thongs and a whole industry of Kardashian-endorsed shapewear.

But one lingerie brand have taken things to the next, terrifying level.

Introducing the 'Shibue' - a strapless knicker (if you can call it that) held in place by a soft adhesive pad.

It comes in discreet plain material.

Shibue Couture Underwear

Or 'sexy' red lace.

Shibue Couture Underwear

So you can channel 'clown gets a bikini wax'.

Shibue Couture Underwear

Are these not the most exquisitely arousing undergarments you've ever seen?

Shibue Couture Underwear

Question: does it still stick on if you have public hair?

Shibue Couture Underwear

Don't worry entirely hairless guys, they got you too.

Shibue Couture Underwear
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