31/12/2016 10:20 GMT

Shona McGarty Voices Regret Over Past 'EastEnders' Suspension

'There was no excuse really.'

‘EastEnders’ star Shona McGarty has voiced her regret over her past behaviour on the set of the soap, which earned her a suspension back in 2012.

The actress was given a four-week suspension without pay four years ago due to her unreliability behind the scenes of ‘EastEnders’, riling her castmates and the soap’s crew with her persistent lateness.

Speaking about the ban now, Shona - who plays Whitney Carter - has admitted it’s not a time in her life that she’s especially proud of.

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Shona McGarty

She told The Sun: I was like, ‘Oh god, this is bad’.

“It was lazy and irresponsible of me. I only lived round the corner as well, that’s what made it hilarious.”

Shona added: “There was no excuse really, I was just tired and young.”

Fortunately, Shona has since been able to turn things around since her suspension, and insists that her lateness is now a thing of the past.

In recent times, her character has been at the centre of several key storylines, including over the Christmas period.

In character as Whitney

Specifically, Whitney’s husband Lee Carter (played by Danny-Boy Pritchard) was seen contemplating suicide in emotional scenes which aired over the festive season, as his mental health struggles took a turn for the worse.

Discussing her character, she said prior to the scenes airing: She doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind. Whitney has never had her own place before. She wants to make the perfect home, so she’s focused on that and is often oblivious to the secrets Lee is keeping from her.”

Away from Walford, it was recently claimed that Shona was planning to launch a separate career as a pop star.

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