01/02/2017 14:01 GMT

Women Reveal The Hints They Drop To Let Guys Know They're Interested

Sorry, you're not actually a comedic genius.

When it comes to dating, the majority of us regress to acting like children.

Yes, we could just ask you out, but it’s easier if we get our mates to test the lay of the land first, okay? 

To make matters easier for men who’ve been unlucky in love, women have been revealing the things they do to (not-so-subtly) let guys know they’re interested. 

If you recognise these signs, it could be time to make your move. 

We sync our timetables.  

“My boyfriend and I, before we got together, kept magically getting to the bus stop at the same time. Our timetables coincided nicely, but I did occasionally have to miss the very first bus that turned up in order to make it happen.”



We invade your space.

“The main thing I do is, when sitting in a group, I’ll sit next to him and get just a little closer than I normally would, so our legs/thighs touch under the table. Nobody else notices, only him.”



We take your clothes.  

 “Professional hat stealer here.”



We make way too much eye contact.

 “I make eyes at him. Really long, obvious eye contact with a slight smile, but it’s usually after we’ve been talking for a while and connecting. It’s been obvious for every guy I’ve ever tried it on so far.”



 We make excuses to see you.  

“Agreeing to do things with the guy. Constantly wanting to hang out, even if I’m not overtly vocal about it, is my main hint. Especially if the activities are minor like helping them run errands or something.”



We’re mean. 

 “Insults. Not anything super hurtful, but little jokes that will force you to lightly insult me back. Teasing, I guess.” 



We get our mates to do the dirty work.

“Having my best friend snoop and make it obvious that I’m interested. Yeah I’m not fully grown yet...”



We turn into feeders.  

“You mention you like brownies, a while later I happen to bake brownies and bring them to work/school/wherever you are.

“Basically, if I am trying to feed you, then I probably want to fuck you.”



We laugh at your bad jokes. 

 “Laugh at even the shittiest and cringiest of jokes. Walking next to you I will ‘accidentally’ bump hips against you from time to time. I will ask questions rather than just answer them.”



We lose all sense of humour. 

 “If I’m confident and making jokes with every other guy and am suddenly quiet and withdrawn around you, it means I like you and you’re throwing me off my charisma game.”



 We pretend to be cold.

 “When I was trying to get my current boyfriend’s attention four years ago we both smoked cigarettes. Whenever we’d go outside for a bogie in between classes I’d make sure I sat next to him. I would always point out that I was cold, since it was February and he’d give me his jacket or put his arm around me for warmth. Eventually he got the hint!”



We share the load. 

 “We listen when you’re upset, ask about your family or ask about the things that mean the most to you in life so you know that you are heard and your priorities are valid. We ask for your opinion or for your help, so you know you’re needed and useful and important.”



We just tell you.

“I just tell them I like them. I’m kind of dumb when it comes to signals, I once went on a few dates with a guy and he kept grabbing my hand and telling me that my nail polish was pretty. I had to ask my girlfriends if they thought that meant he likes me, or if he just likes nail polish.”

 - netalpha