These Are The Signs Someone Fancies You, According To The Internet

'If they drunk text you and say anything.'

Do you know someone who laughs at all your bad jokes, makes excuses to see you and drunk texts you every Friday night?

According to the good people of the internet, these could all be signs that person secretly fancies you.

People on Reddit have been sharing the things people do to let you know they’re interested.

So if you’re usually oblivious when it comes to matters of the heart, read on and prepare to bag yourself a date.

“When they brush your hand or arm at times and in ways that wouldn’t normally happen otherwise.”

“Increasing text/messaging activity is a strong sign.”

“They get really nervous when they’re around you.”

“Try to notice if they keep glancing slightly down at your lips and mouth. That’s usually a good sign. Unless you have food stuck in your teeth....”

“They are willing to do things for you that go above and beyond simple gestures.”

“They want to spend time with you, one on one.”

“If a girl laughs too much at my shitty jokes or does the play hitting thing then I figure she is into me. Yeah they still do this at 30.”

“You catch them checking you out.”

“If they drunk text you and say ANYTHING even sort of positive you better ask them out the next day.”

“Before we were together, my husband would always catch my eye from across the room and smile at me. We could be at a crowded party and we were always aware of each other.”

“On a date, they suggest doing another thing after the first thing is over.”

“That they come right out and tell you is not only a sure sign that they’re into you, but also that they’re well-adjusted adults who, like you, have neither the time nor patience for dating games.”

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