These Are The Signs Someone Fancies You, According To The Internet

Because interpreting whether someone likes you or not can be hard.

From laughing at your godawful jokes to leaving stuff at your house so they have to visit again, here’s what they had to say...

1. ‘They make eye contact, repeatedly.’

2. ‘They make time for you.’

3. ‘They leave things at your place so they have to come back.’

4. ‘They initiate physical contact.’

5. ‘They listen to you talk about, and are willing to try, your hobbies.’

6. ‘They text you back right away.’

7. ‘They look happier when they see you.’

8. ‘They laugh at your jokes (even if they’re bad).’

9. ‘They flirt and are complimentary when talking to you.’

10. ‘They drunkenly Snapchat you, a lot.’

11. ‘Their pupils dilate.’

12. ‘They say ‘I’m into you’.’