22/08/2017 13:55 BST

People Are Sharing The Signs Someone Is A 'True Friend' And It's Giving Us All The Feels

Humans are adorable sometimes.

Plume Creative via Getty Images

Today in wonderful news, people have been sharing what defines a ‘true friend’.

A Reddit thread entitled ‘What are the small signs that someone is truly your friend?’ has inspired hundreds of answers. And one thing’s for sure... it’ll make you want to call your bestie. 

Here are some of our favourite responses:

1. “They are genuinely happy when I take small steps towards success no matter what stage of life they are in.”


2. “They respect your boundaries (as much as you respect theirs of course).”


3. “They pay for you to come out with them when you can’t afford it. I have a friend that did that, and that’s when I knew they were a true friend. I actually refused at first and they insisted. Of course I paid them back, and have helped him in similar situations.”


4. “When you’re down, a true friend can tell. No matter how hard you try to act like everything’s normal and fine, they’ll just somehow see right through you and say, ‘don’t fuck with me. I can tell you’re not okay. So I’ll buy you coffee and you’ll decide whether you wanna talk about it or not’.”


5. “I once mentioned that I had a bad day to a friend. The next day I got a text from them asking if I was doing better that day. I now make sure to do this for my close friends as it can be really uplifting.”


6. “They call you just to see how you’re doing.”


7. “They want you to benefit in life, and benefit from the friendship just as much as they do.”


8. “They don’t blindly support everything you do. They tell you when you might be making a mistake.”


9. “They’ll drop preplanned/prepaid events to help you if something comes up.”


10. “You’ve never felt awkward around them.”


11. “If you haven’t seen each other for an extended period and [then] when you meet up you take off right from where you left off, as if you just saw them yesterday.”


12. “They push you to better yourself and constantly remind you that you can do better, especially when you’re super low. And also remind you of your limitations when you’re trying to over-achieve.”


13. “Checking to make sure that each other got home safely. Whether it’s waiting in your car to make sure they get inside their house or texting each other when you make it home.”


14. “They sit with you all night in the hospital when you drink far too much.”


15. “If you’re ordering food and you order the same thing, but one of them is made wrong so they give you the good one.”


16. “That we can sit in silence with each other and not feel awkward.”


17. “When no one else seems to understand or care, they actually do.”