5 Little Signs Spring Is On Its Way – And Boy, Do We Need It

Your mid-week dose of positive vibes.

After what has seemed like the longest winter in history, change is finally on the horizon. New life is sprouting from the ground, tiny creatures are coming out of hiding and woolly hats are finally being consigned to the bottom drawer.

Yes that’s right, spring is on its way. Here are five signs change is coming – we’ve never been more ready.

The temperature is rising

Have you felt the warmth of the sun on your face yet? After a particularly chilly spell – dubbed The Beast From The East part two – things are warming up. We’re not quite talking shorts and flip flops, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The Met Office suggests we’ll have mild weather on Saturday with sunny spells and southern parts of England seeing temperatures of up to 17C. Other parts of the UK will also see warmer weather than is expected at this time of year.

The long-range forecast suggests that by the end of February and into early March, most of the UK will “probably become dry as high pressure becomes dominant” and temperatures are likely to be mild to boot. Happy days!

It’s lighter when we wake up

Hands up if you’ve noticed actual daylight beginning to peak through the sides of your curtains or blinds when your alarm goes off? This is a Big Deal.

The days are getting longer and will continue to until 21 June, when we have the longest day. If that’s not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is.

Spring is coming!
Getty Images / Layland Masuda
Spring is coming!

Wildlife is awakening

After a winter of hibernating, you might start to notice more foxes, birds, door mice, bees and other wild animals frequenting your garden or the street where you live. Open the window, listen to the birdsong, enjoy the buzz of insects – and brace yourself for more of where that came from as the months march on.

Westend61 via Getty Images

Flowers are returning

Daffodil stems are sprouting in parks, rosemary plants are sprouting purple blossoms – if you look closely, there are sure signs nature is on the move.

Soon, the skeletal tree trunks and branches will be lush with leaves, hedgerows and bushes will be thick with life again, and colour will be back in our lives. Bring. It. On.

Walks after work are way more appealing

If you’ve spent the last six months grumbling about not being able to go on a walk at the end of your working day because it’s dark and cold, now’s your chance to make up for all those missed opportunities.

The dark evenings are being pushed back little by little, day by day – a surefire sign spring is on its way.