13 Signs You've Got An Avocado Problem

If you get serious rage when your avo isn't ripe, read on.

When it comes to food, avocados are royalty.

Global consumption of the creamy fruit is now a £2 billion industry, which has doubled in the last decade.

Back in the day, avocados were eaten with custard as a (rather questionable) dessert option. Thankfully nowadays their versatility means they crop up in anything from smoothies to cocktails.

Experts predict that we're all going to reach 'peak avocado' very soon, resulting in the death of the trend. However we can't see it happening. We're all too damn obsessed.

Not convinced you're addicted to avo? If you relate to more than six of the points below, you might want to start branching out.

1. You get serious rage when your avo isn't ripe


2. You buy avocado-themed crap

Which places you in the same category as people who collect unicorns, porcelain pigs and trolls.

3. You prefer them to your friends

I mean, they are better. But if you openly tell them that, you've got yourself a problem.

4. You trawl Instagram for new and innovative ways to eat yours

Like this.

And this.

And this.

5. When you found out avocado chocolate mousse was a thing, you squealed. Loudly.

Then you learned how to make it. And then you made it for all of your friends. You possibly now have fewer friends.

Sohadiszno via Getty Images

6. You take pride in how you peel yours

And you're not just content in basking in the knowledge, you have to share it with the whole damn office.

7. Your breakfast default is avocado on toast

But sometimes you are adventurous and have it on sourdough.

jenifoto via Getty Images

8. You die a little inside when you cut into your avocado and it's gone that awful brown colour

So sad. RIP.

9. You don't buy beauty products anymore, you buy AVOCADO beauty products

You even learned how to make your own avocado beauty products which double up as snacks.

evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images

10. When a new 'breed' of avocado comes out, you're all over it like a powerful moss

From the avozilla to its teeny weeny counterparts, you're always the first to buy them. It's like the edible version of a new iPhone.

Tesco / PA

11. When you found out avocado cocktails existed, it made you giddy...

With excitement. Not because of the alcohol content.

Lecic via Getty Images

12. When avocado life hacks don't work, you can't let it go

A perfectly good avocado has gone to waste. You're pissed. And if you just so happen to write an email of complaint to the 'author' of said avocado hack, then so be it.

13. You agree with the statement: 'Avocados are the best thing that ever happened to you.'

There's no living without them. And why would you want to?

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