12 Signs Your Partner Has Fallen Out Of Love With You, According To Reddit

Is it all over?

You might not have received the memo from your partner yet, but we all know when our gut is telling us that a break-up is on the cards.

Now people on Reddit are sharing the 12 signs you should be looking out for, if you’re worried you’re about to get dumped.

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1. They don’t use emojis.

“He stopped using emoticons in texts. I thought I was being silly and thinking into things but, what do you know, it was a very small early sign.”

2. They spend more time on their phone.

“Seems more distracted then usual when they are in your presence/just doesn’t want to actually spend any time with you when you’re physically together. Is always on their phone or wearing headphones.”

3. They are irritated by the smallest of gestures.

“Little things that used to be cute are now annoying. Affection is met with irritation.”

4. They make sex feel functional not fun.

“Sex is reluctant and becomes less and less frequent. When you do have it, it’s clear they’d rather be anywhere else.”

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5. They prefer spending time alone.

“Before I would have been disappointed about not seeing them but I got to a point where it was like: ‘Eh, let’s just see each other another time instead’. Just being on my own was more appealing to me.”

6. They let you do all the legwork.

“Generally does not initiate contact or seeing each other. Often reads text messages, without replying even if they are direct questions.”

7. They won’t make small sacrifices.

“For example, if they aren’t willing to buy you a coffee when they are picking up one for themselves. When they don’t want to stay in with you, but rather hang with friends, if you’ve had really a rough day.”

8. They avoid making plans.

“Avoid topics related to the future. Does not bring up these topics and attempts to change the subject when they arise.”

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9. They won’t make eye contact.

“He started to look at my face less and less when I talked after not seeing each other for a week.”

10. They no longer tolerate any minor faults.

“There is an old saying. I can’t source it, but it is: ‘If she loves you, you can piss in the sink’. This isn’t just an old saying. It’s something that can be used universally in all relationships. If the SO loves you, you can get away with anything short of murder. Conversely, if your SO isn’t feeling it any more, everything you do is wrong. Like, every single thing. You could save a baby from a burning building and would only get: ‘You were pretty slow about it’.”

11. They can’t be bothered to argue.

“Instead of becoming passionately angry during an argument, is mostly indifferent and cold. They have stopped arguing or mentioning it when something bothers them.”

12. They make you feel uneasy in totally normal situations.

“We went to a restaurant together and I felt uncomfortable sitting across from him, just chatting. I’d never felt uncomfortable talking to him in a situation like that before, and it made me really uneasy. Fast forward a month and I’d find out why.”