30/01/2017 11:46 GMT | Updated 30/01/2017 12:02 GMT

If You Still Live With Your Parents, Here Are Some Tips On How To Have Sex


The rise of the boomerang generation has seen many millennials moving back home with their parents well into their 20s and 30s - or never leaving in the first place.

Although living with your parents includes benefits such as a stocked fridge,  having your laundry done and the possibility of saving for your own place, it can wreak havoc on your sex life.

That’s why the generous people of Reddit have shared their top tips on getting some action while sharing living quarters with your family. 

It’s tricky, but it can be done. Good luck.

“There are plenty of places to have sex. It all depends on how adventurous you are.”


“Away game. When you meet someone, go to their place or go to a hotel.” - fordprecept

“Being a lesbian I just say my friend is coming over”

 “Get a van, turn it into a stealth mobile home.”


“Our parents flat out told my brother and me, when we were of age, that they’d rather we have sex at home than elsewhere.

“They even went off shopping and did other things so we could have privacy and relax. Dad thoughtfully added, ‘If your mother and I can have sex at home, I see no reason why you guys can’t, too.’”



“I just brought them home and had sex in my room, you’re 24-25, it’s not like you have to hide the fact that you have sex. Just don’t disturb your parents while doing it.”

“I used to just bring the girls home late at night and let my parents say ‘Hi’ to them in the morning. Hilarious and super embarrassing for them.” 


“Have really cool parents who magically want to go see a late movie while you’re out on a date. I got the text: ‘hey son, we are going to see a movie, wont be home til after midnight, love you.’” 

“Late at night, when they’re fast asleep.”


“Move out.”


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