09/02/2017 15:16 GMT

Legendary Single Woman Throws Herself Into Wedding Guest Duties, With Hilarious Results

'This is an actual photo of me...'

When you’re single and at a wedding, the only way to get through the day is to laugh (and drink a lot). Janessa James is a pro, having been a bridesmaid 12 times.

The 21-year-old recently shared a hilarious photo of herself at a friend’s wedding, where she was called upon to help the bride and groom get the perfect wedding photo. 

“This is an actual photo of me (extremely single) helping my best friend with her bridals,” she captioned the photo on Reddit.

“The photographer asked me to throw her train up and then dive out of the shot, and so I did. Very theatrically.”

Speaking to Brides, James said she’s had plenty of experience going above and beyond the call of duty at weddings.

“Being a bridesmaid so many times has made me really good at smiling through the pain,” she joked.

“Through the years, I have performed various maid-of-honour original raps, arranged flowers and yelled at many timid and incompetent wedding staffers.

“Attending and participating in weddings of so many of my friends has taught me to focus on the couple’s happiness and nothing else. Your feet may be bleeding, your dress may be hideous and you definitely won’t be getting anyone’s number, but you’ll have some funny pictures and a day that everyone will remember (for various reasons).”

Someone give this girl a medal. 

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