Sky News Team Injured After Brutal Russian Ambush While Reporting From Ukraine

The chief correspondent was wounded in his lower back while the cameraman took two rounds to his body armour.
Sky News' team running to safety in Ukraine
Sky News' team running to safety in Ukraine
Sky News

Sky News’ team in Ukraine were shot at by Russian troops last week, and two of them were hit.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was wounded while the camera operator Richie Mockler took two roundsto his body armour, demonstrating how Vladimir Putin’s military campaign is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Writing for Sky, Ramsay explained the attack occurred 20 miles (30 kilometres) away from Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, where the team had to travel on roads which had become the new front lines for the war.

He said they noticed the street they were travelling on was “deadly quiet”, before they heard a “small explosion”, and a car tyre burst.

“And then our world turned upside down,” Ramsay explained.

“Bullets cascaded through the whole of the car, tracers, bullet flashes, windscreen glass, plastic seats, the steering wheel, and dashboard had disintegrated.”

Some of the team managed to leave the car while the others hid in the footwells and “started screaming we were journalists”, but the attack did not stop.

Ramsay, who remained in the care with Mockler, wrote: “I do recall wondering if my death was going to be painful.”

He was then hit in the lower back, which “amazed” him because “it didn’t hurt that bad”.

The reporter then managed to retrieve some of his belongings before getting out of the car and running.

“I lost my balance and fell to the bottom [of the embankment] landing like a sack of potatoes, cutting my face. My armour and helmet almost certainly save me.”

He said they later found they had been ambushed by a saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad, professional shooters.

Mockler was the last one left in the car, and managed to leave only when there was a momentary pause in the gunfire.

Ramsay said they all discussed how it was a miracle they had survived.

They were later rescued by the Ukrainian police and made it back to the centre of Kyiv safely.

Prime minister Boris Johnson praised the team on Saturday, saying he commended the “astonishing” courage of those who were “putting themselves in terrifying and dangerous situations”.

Johnson tweeted: “They’re risking their lives to ensure that the truth is told. Free press will not be intimidated or cowed by a barbaric and indiscriminate acts of violence.”

The total number of casualties in Ukraine is unknown, but the UN estimates that more than 360 civilians have been killed so far.

In his written account, Ramsay said: “We were very lucky. But thousands of Ukrainians are dying and families are being targeted by Russian hit squads just as we were, driving along in a family saloon and attacked.”


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