Sky Q Ultra HD Is Launching In August Offering 4K Sports And Movies

Over 120 Premier League matches and 70 movies...

Sky has announced that it will finally be bringing 4K Ultra HD content to Sky Q starting in August.

The feature had always been promised by the company but it wasn’t clear when it would be made available to customers.


Starting on the 13 August the company will be offering a mixture of content including Premier League football, movies, documentaries and dramas.

Sky Q is the company’s premium TV offering which allows users to move content between rooms while offering a range of enhanced features.

As well as being able to pause in one room and pick it up in another each Sky Q box also acts as a WiFi hotspot - boosting the signal to the house.


Don’t think this is going to be a repeat of 3D either, Sky’s planning to offer 124 live Premier League games, over 70 movies including Spectre and the Revenant.

In addition to the Ultra HD news Sky has said that it will roll out a new networking feature called Powerline.


The technology uses your home’s electrical wiring and turns it into a means of sending internet around the house.

A compatible Powerline device at the other end (in this case the other Sky Q boxes) is able to use this as it would a standard wired Ethernet cable.