This Video Of Slow Motion Leg Waxing Is Gross, Yet Oddly Soothing

For those who love squeezing blackheads...

Move over pimple popping, there’s a new up close and personal video to bewitch those who love nothing more than picking at and squeezing their skin.

In the clip above, two men get their legs waxed and film the experience in slow motion. And when we say slow, we’re talking 28,000 frames per second.

The clip is both bizarre and borderline repulsive, but also slightly serene - although maybe that’s down to the calming music and faint popping sounds (like fireworks in the distance) as hairs are plucked straight from the skin.

The leg waxing video was shared by YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys and has since been viewed more than one million times.

Grab some popcorn and settle down for six minutes of strangely fascinating footage. And if you don’t want to beat around the bush (LOL), skip to 1.25, 2.36 and 3.42 for prime hair-pulling viewing.

Or just check out these GIFs.